Thessaloniki offers a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from low-budget hostels through mid-range hotels up to several high-range 5* hotels. With the opening of numerous new hotels during the last years, room availability is typically not a problem. The value-to-price ratio and overall hotel services in Thessaloniki are considered very high. From luxury to low-budget and from easy access to city center to sea view, Thessaloniki has a large number of hotels to satisfy any needs.

***** Bristol, Electra Palace, Grand Palace, The MET, Makedonia Palace, Nikopolis, The Excelsior, Daios Luxury, Holiday Inn, Mediterranean Palace, Porto Palace 150 EUR
**** Anatolia, Avalon, City, Colors Urban, Egnatia Palace, Minerva Premier, Monogram, The Tobacco 75 EUR
*** ABC, AEGEON, Le Palace, ASTORIA, Metropolitan, Mandrino, Nea Metropolis, Domotel OIympia, Blue Bottel, Park 60 EUR
** Amalia, Emporikon, Orestias Kastorias, Pella, Rex 45 EUR
* Argo, Atlantis, Atlas 35 EUR
Hostels Stay Hybrid, Bahar Boutique, Gatto Perso 15 EUR
A representative sample of Hotels in Thessaloniki.